Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miracles and Apparitions

Apparition-something startling and unreal that suddenly appears like a ghost or spectre.

Miracle-a wonder, a marvel such as an act or happening in the matrial or physical world which seems to depart from the laws of nature or to go beyong what is known of these laws.

My apparition took place in Germany during World War II.

I am not sure of my age at the time but I believe I must of been around 5 to 7 years old.

I was sitting or lying in a grassy field and thinking how peaceful it was at the time. I looked towards the sky and thought to myself that it was quite cloudy and miserable that day. I made myself quite comfortable and continued staring at the cloudy sky above me.

Suddenly, I noticed that the clouds were being pushed away like by a sudden gust of wind or storm though there was no impending storm in sight.

The sky was cleared of all clouds very rapidly as I continued to watch in amazement as to what took place next.

I saw shepherds in the sky holding staffs and tending to their flock. The shepherds were of enormous size. I could not understand what was happening here as I had no knowledge of religion during the war.

I have held on to this apparition forever and learned later on in life what the meaning of this sight meant to me. The shepherds guided the religious life to me and others.

It was because of this apparition that I felt that I was very blessed to have gazed upon a miracle of one of God's creations.